September Meetup

Thurs 9/22, 2022

Baker Center (in the cafetorium!) - 3908 Avenue B, Austin, TX, 78751
Free admission, donations appreciated! Space is limited, RSVP please.

Fantastic Arcade presents, Games Y'all 9/22'

This month we'll be going Back to School at the Baker Center (formerly Baker School) courtesy of Mighty Coconut. Meet us in the cafetorium to play submissions from our community (with the devs in attendance!). Come play games, hang out, and meet friends. We WILL have beer and we WON’T make you slow dance. Featured games to be announced soon.

Mighty Coconut team members will be offering 1:1 mentoring during the event - perfect for developers curious about AR/VR, animation, or self-distribution. Sign up for a session here!

Venue Details

This event is indoors and has a big parking lot. We'll have beer and non-alcoholic drinks available. All ages welcome, wristbands for 21+ who want to drink, ID check at the door. We strongly encourage that everyone be vaccinated or have recently tested negative for COVID. Do not attend if you feel ill or were recently exposed to COVID. Hand sanitizer and wipes for controllers will be available.

Games This Month

The Heroes Around Me

The Heroes Around Me tells a story of a family of 3: the hard-working and quiet father – Nan, his daughter Lili, and their pet dog Sesame. Players will experience the harshness and warmth in the simpler time of the 1990s, where lots of stories are untold.

Developer: OK JOY

Beacon Pines

Beacon Pines is a cute and creepy adventure game. Sneak out late, make new friends, uncover hidden truths, and collect words that will change the course of fate!

Developer: Hiding Spot
Publisher: Fellow Traveller

Poem Simulator

Poem Simulator is an FPS that simulates the abstract process of poem-crafting. The user is invited to explore the ontological debris of a dreamy, semantically-ordered universe, suspending objects from three floating cubes, each representing a resultant stanza. Through arbitrary selection, a new poem-object is born: experiences reshuffle, ideas forcibly enmesh, sub-syntactic counter-currents reverse their course. The user will find this process pleasurable and noteworthy.

Developer: August Smith

Scrolling Exorcise

The Scrolling Exorcise (2022) is an art piece created during the Museum of Human Achievement's residency Welcome to my Homepage. The piece is based on the simple idea of utilizing the repetitive motion of scrolling as a catalyst for thought. I wanted to create an experience that could only be had within the context of the web. Instead of just housing animation or photos on a webpage, the piece is about our body's relationship to the shape of this tool.

Artist: Sara Roma


s/f/wønderland is: a research project; a web-based painting tool; a mixed-media installation piece; a visual library; a participatory creative experiment; an online labyrinth; ... which explores fandom cultures as a transgressive and creative space for queer liberation, particularly in the context of state-enforced media censorship in Malaysia and Singapore.

Developer: Hua Chai

CECE Sings

Inspired by Flash games, CECE Sings is an interactive narrative that takes note from glitch feminism. Based on a memory, the story follows a fifth grade Celine on an emotional rollercoaster to potential superstardom. In conversation with the idealizations of the popstar and the cyborg, CECE Sings confronts your Y2K fantasies.

Developer: Celine Lassus

Walkabout Mini Golf: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Escape into a fun and beautiful world filled with the best mini golf courses you’ve ever seen! Play by yourself, meet someone new, or challenge your friends in a private game with up to 8 people. Extremely realistic physics create the perfect experience for hardcore golfers and casual players alike. Sink a perfect hole-in-one, search for lost balls, unlock hidden clubs, or just relax and take in the views from one of our 16 included courses. The golf is miniature, but the fun is huge!

Developer: Mighty Coconut

Cosmonious High

Owlchemy Labs' newest title, Cosmonious High, is an alien high school that's definitely completely free of malfunctions! After crash-landing your way into a memorable first day, you'll unlock powers, explore the halls, and discover the source of malfunctions to save the school from cosmic chaos.

Developer: Owlchemy Labs

Cult of the Lamb

Start your own cult in a land of false prophets, venturing out into diverse and mysterious regions to build a loyal community of woodland Followers and spread your Word to become the one true cult.

Developer: Massive Monster
Publisher: Devolver Digital

EGaDS! Mega Micro Jam

The Electronic Game Developers Society (EGaDS!) is a group of interdisciplinary game development lovers at UT Austin! We are a community of UT students and faculty, industry professionals, and others who aim to promote learning and practicing game development through speaker nights, art and Unity workshops, Texas Game Jam (TXGJ), our annual game developers conference called GDC^2, and more!

We'll be tabling at this month's meetup, where we'll be showcasing our Mega Micro Jam game made by our members and advertising TXGJ (9/23-9/25)! Stop by to play our game and/or simply chat with us!

Developer: EGaDS!


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