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Fantastic Arcade and The Museum of Human Achievement present

✨ 🎇 & A HAPPY NEW GIF! - A Digital Do-Si-Do 🎇 ✨

A promotional GIF with the text and a happy new gif emblazoned over video of a large fireworks explosion

Celebrate the end of 2023 by making animated GIFs for each other! Sign up by Dec 8, submit on January 6th.

○ Friday Dec 8th - Sign up deadline. Join the discord channel!

○ Tuesday Dec 12th - Do-si-do! We’ll tell you who you’re making a .GIF for and what their prompt is. Interpret your prompt however you wish - get literal, get festive, get silly.

○ Saturday Jan 6th - Post what you made in the #and-a-happy-new-gif channel and share your prompt!

☁️🌵 Swing your Partner 🌵☁️
○ Howdy Y’all! This channel is shared between the Fantastic Arcade and The Museum of Human Achievement Discord servers so game devs and artists can hang out and make stuff together.
○ We’re using Connections Bot, which has some quirks. Emoji reactions are turned off, but other features seem to work fine. Let us know if anything seems funky.

🎨 Animated GIFs?! 🎨
○ Even if you’ve never made a GIF before, we encourage you to join in and give it a shot!
○ GIFs can be made on a computer or smartphone from photos, drawings, pixel art, game engine exports, screenshots, video clips, etc.
○ Try opening a .gif in Photoshop or Gimp to see what its guts look like. You can “remix” an existing GIF this way by altering the individual frames of the animation

☃️ Sign Up ☃️
Fill out this form to participate
○ You’ll receive a message on Tuesday Dec 12th telling you who you’re making something for and what their prompt is!

❄️ Rules/Details ❄️
○ We’re here for a good time! Keep it friendly and positive. When in doubt, read the #rules.
○ Don’t leave your GIF recipient hanging! By opting in, you are agreeing to make and post a GIF on Dec 31st.
○ Questions? Contact @Jay RG#4863 or @Rachel Stuckey#8121 on Discord or by email at or

🎄 Guides and Tools 🎄
○ Keep your file size under 8MB
How to Start Making Pixel Art
Tutorial for making GIFs from image files using GIMP
Tutorial for making GIFs using Photoshop
Free GIF making tools
Pixel Art + GIF Maker Tool
Pixil Art GIF Making Tutorial


GIF Art depicting time travel mashup

.GIF Art by Andrew Gansky

GIF art depicting missing cat posters on a pole

.GIF Art by Jessie Kuse

GIF art depicting literary character don quixote fighting an actual windmill in the fashion of street fighter

.GIF Art by Itai Almor

GIF art depicting a holiday office party with cult vibes

.GIF Art by Laurel Barickman

GIF art depicting a cat doing a large step

.GIF Art by Walt Mitchell

GIF art depicting an elf holding a Sea Urchin wrapped as a christmas present.

.GIF Art by Vidya Giri

GIF art depicting a small handmade windmill spinning on a bright and colorful background

.GIF Art by Jay Roff-Garcia

GIF art depicting a video of a stomping T-Rex with a compounding zoom effect

.GIF Art by Beth Fileti

GIF art depicting a abstract hug from a grandmother

.GIF Art by Michael Ferstenfeld

GIF art depicting a creepy snowglobe with an eye

.GIF Art by Alex

GIF art depicting a series of animations depicting the word hello

.GIF Art by Samantha Mohler

GIF art depicting scenes from a femme fatale themed film overlayed onto the animated series Dino Derby

.GIF Art by Rachel Stuckey

GIF art depicting eyeballs in space

.GIF Art by Tori Reynolds

GIF art depicting a animated sleepy robot dj

.GIF Art by Plutonist

GIF art depicting cute woodland creatures enjoying a meal

.GIF Art by Linda Rodriguez

GIF art depicting a killer clown chihuahua

.GIF Art by Anonymous

GIF art depicting chaotic handrawn animations overlayed onto a clip of the Criss Angel Mindfreak television show

.GIF Art by Kayla Drzewicki

GIF art depicting a huge raw bloody t-bone steak with a red velvet bow tied around it

.GIF Art by Coby West

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