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January Meetup

January 21st, 2024 - 12-3pm

Austin Central Public Library, 710 W Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78701

🎟 Free admission, donations are encouraged! Please RSVP, walk ups are welcome.

The Museum of Human Achievement presents, Games Y'all January Meetup

Our friends at the Central branch of Austin Public Library have invited us to bring Games Y'all to their Innovation Lab!
The APL Innovation Lab is a digital makerspace for collaboration and creation. They provide community access to state-of-the-art computer hardware and software to create digital content such as podcasts, videos, 3D renderings, music, and more. Located on the 5th floor of the Central Public Library!

Join us and come play local indie games, explore digital art projects from Welcome to My Homepage, and connect with the wider Austin digital arts community.

Venue & Parking Details

APL Innovate is Austin Public Library’s digital makerspace for collaboration and creation. The lab is located on the 5th floor of the Central Library, you can ride the elevators up to the 5th floor and take a left to locate the lab. We highly recommend giving yourself plenty of time to arrive and locate the lab.

You can find parking at:

Seaholm Garage - Validated for 2 hours if you buy something at Trader Joes. Without validation, $10 for one hour, $18 for second hour.

Central Library Garage - Free for 1st hour, 2 hours--$5, 4 hours--$9

Street Parking (Available along West Ave + 3rd Street) - 1 hour--$2

Games Y'all

Games Y’all is a monthly meetup presented by the Museum of Human Achievement for indie devs, digital artists, and games fans. We showcase indie games and digital art projects from our local community and beyond. You can come to our meetups to play games, experience digital art, and connect with the local Austin games community.

The Museum of Human Achievement

The Museum of Human Achievement is a multi-disciplinary art space and non-profit organization in Austin, Texas. We cultivate new work, community, and vibe by providing radically affordable arts space to support artists and audiences in the creation of new ideas.

Health Details

This event will be indoors and outdoors. We strongly encourage that everyone be vaccinated or have recently tested negative for COVID. Do not attend if you feel ill or were recently exposed to COVID. Hand sanitizer and masks will be available. Masks are welcome!

Games This Month

- A promotional image for House Keeping


HouseKeeping is an Isometric Couch Co-Op party game similar to Overcooked or Splatoon. Two teams of players must battle for control of the House. The Keepers (House Cleaners) must clean the house. While the Cats must destroy the house and of course cause chaos. Whoever has more control of the house at the end of the round wins. We hope to take this game further and hopefully publish it at some point!

HouseKeeping was developed by a small team of students at Austin Community College as our final project in college. We as a team enjoyed developing this game so much we recently submitted it to the Independent Games Festival. In hopes of being nominated for "Best Student Game".

Developer: Team HouseKeeping
- A promotional image for don't rock the boat

don't rock the boat

"don't rock the boat - an interactive story by elliot degrassi. A women's crew team plagued with internal debate over who is allowed to row in their league finds themselves stalked by a river monster. Written for and awarded Best Story of Scream Dunk 2023. Cover art by Ravi Teixeira.

Dev Disclaimer: I am transgender and this piece is pro-trans rights. some characters are transgender and others are transphobes. their stories are told from their perspectives. this story is for mature audiences.

Content Warnings: transphobia, sexual assault (off-screen)"

Developer: Elliot Degrassi
- A promotional image for 1 Friend Online

1 Friend Online

You take on the role of Scott, a college freshman playing through an online RPG with your best friend in the year 2003. However, as you and Robin talk over the action, it becomes clear that your friend is really struggling. The way you interact with him in-game throughout this adventure-- from stealing his loot, to trusting his input on which path to take, or even whether you fight monsters as a team-- will impact whether you 2 stay friends after this tumultuous time in his life.

1 Friend Online was created by a team of 3 A&M students over 6 months. Gameplay and level designer Logan Diebold enjoys creating novel game systems and implementing them within levels tailored to showcasing their unique elements. Narrative Designer Ransom Linder explores the intersection of gameplay and story, utilizing player agency to communicate character moments and themes in ways other media can’t. Kaylyn Luna is a 2D and Environment Artist who is most interested in delivering and reinforcing game narratives through grounded environmental storytelling.

Developer: Wolf-Pen Games
- A promotional image for Project: Petra

Project: Petra

Project: Petra” is a third-person action game that pairs kinetic combat and platforming with an impactful climate narrative. Throughout the game, you climb the ranks of The Bubble Brigade rebellion and fight against ZENITH, the evil corporation responsible for the destruction of your village. Wielding a giant bubble wand, you chain together bubble-based attacks to create a satisfying combo of pops!

Merge Conflict started as a senior capstone project and a dream that is now six goofy and passionate developers. We are an Indie Game Studio focused on centering marginalized perspectives and environmental awareness based out of Austin, Texas. Our goal is to create games that not only are fun for everyone but make the world a better place :)

Developer: Merge Conflict Studios
- A promotional image for Zombeats


Zombeats is a high-octane rhythm game set in the apocalypse. Shoot zombies to the beat as they swarm from all directions, while managing limited ammo reserves. Unlock original songs as you progress through each character's story, import your own levels with the custom level editor, chase high scores on the global leaderboard, and customize your experience with difficulty modifiers!

Developer: Brain Dead Studios
- A promotional image for Ludus


For her Welcome to my Homepage residency Angélica focused on researching the artisanal production of toys in Mérida, a moderately sized city located in the center of the Venezuelan Andes. A new multidisciplinary project titled Ludus has emerged from this research. Its objective is to exalt this artisanal tradition through the long-term development of collaborations in film, music, and performance art.

Angélica Burgos Colls (b. 1994) is a Venezuelan visual artist and art director. She continues to develop her skills in several disciplines in order to nourish her fundamental passion of studying the language of created spaces.

Artist: Angelica Burgos Colls
- A promotional image for Trend Watch 2024

Trend Watch 2024

"Make your own Trend Watch 2024 workbook as you explore trend predictions, dig into your memories and your purse to find lifestyle inspiration, and upload your assignments to be graded by Julia Kunze herself (don’t worry, I hear she’s an easy grader). Julia’s mixed media aesthetic and background as an educator make for an incredibly playful, exploratory, and creative experience.

MTVs catfish, superhero costumes, fantasy romance novels, country music and anything low-rent help Julia Kunze make sculptures and drawings. She has had many fashion shows and knows a lot about trends. Her favorite line is the one between funny and serious and that is what she hopes to achieve in her work. "

Julia is an artist and collaborator. She loves horses, writing, making clothing and making friends. She has a clothing brand with her best friend called horse misterys and she just bought a Prius.

Artist: Julia Kunze
- A promotional image for Slay the Princess

Slay the Princess

"You're on a path in the woods. And at the end of that path is a cabin. And in the basement of that cabin is a Princess (Nichole Goodnight).

You're here to slay her. If you don't, it will mean the end of the world. At least, that's what The Narrator (Jonathan Sims) tells you. But can you trust him? Can you trust her? Sure, you can do as you're told, killing the entity in the basement, whether she's a Princess or... something else. Or you can try to find some other way out of the eternity of choices and twisting paths youand the ""Princess"" have found yourselves in. After all... is the world that tasked you to save it really worth saving?"

"Black Tabby Games is a two person studio that consists of Abby Howard (she/her) and Tony Howard-Arias (he/him). They share a last night because they're married. You might be familiar with Abby's work from her decade-long career as a graphic novelist, where she wrote and illustrated such works as The Crossroads at Midnight, The Last Halloween, The Earth Before Us, and Junior Scientist Power Hour. You're probably not familiar with Tony's work outside of games, though he did a stint doing analytics for The Boston Globe.

Tony and Abby live in Toronto with their cat (Spoons), their ball python (Wednesday) and their Axolotl (Nubs)."

Developer: Black Tabby Games


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