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July 15, 2022

This month’s theme is PARTY GAMES! We’ll be playing fun submissions from our community (with the devs in attendance!) and some of our slumber party favorites. Come play games, hang out, and meet friends. Batch has beer on tap, an espresso bar, several coolers of other boozy and non-alcoholic drink options, maybe kolaches (until sold out), and Feisty Bites Vietnamese food truck.

Games Y'all presents their July Meetup'

Games This Month

Slumber Squad

Slumber Squad is a local multiplayer party game where 2 - 4 kids at a slumber party work together to beat a video game.To win the game players will need to work together to get rid of the distractions and conquer the game.

By Brieyh'leai & Nic Lupfer

Brieyh’leai and Nic are a two person team, who’ve been making games together under the name Gumboot Studio since 2016. They met at a game jam while attending Texas A&M University and have been jamming ever since.

Nic Lupfer

Citizen Sleeper

Live the life of an escaped worker, washed-up on a lawless station at the edge of an interstellar society. Inspired by the flexibility and freedom of TTRPGs, explore the station, choose your friends, escape your past and change your future.

By Gareth Damian Martin | Jump Over the Age

Space Huggers

Space Huggers is a run and gun roguelike platformer with procedural environments that are fully destructible. Play solo or co-op with a group of 2-4 friends. It runs in most web browsers and mobile devices using the powerful open source LittleJS game engine.

By Frank Force


A procedurally-generated party that can be used as a music visualizer.


Aggro Crab is an indie studio comprised of Nick Kaman and Caelan Pollock. We’ve been working together for 3 years now on various projects, and specialize in games that combine punchy, frenetic gameplay with chill vibes and nuanced aesthetics.


Swapette Showdown


Swapette Showdown is a competitive magical girl puzzle battle game for 1-4 players. Swap your blocks to create matches and attacks. Battle as/against magical girls a.k.a. the Swapettes. We are still in development, planning to release on Steam first.

By 3D Generation

We are a small team from San Antonio, Texas.

@Swapette Showdown

Samurai Gunn 2

The long awaited sequel to a game that helps make up the DNA of Fantastic Arcade, Samurai Gunn 2! Adventure with a friend through a medieval metropolis on the brink of crisis—fight or fly past your foes to discover the mystery behind Gunn City’s ghostly threat. Or battle together with a group of 2-4 friends in versus with improved controls, new levels, and new characters!

By Beau Blyth, Nelson Boles, Valentin Seiche, Doseone, Adam Robezzoli, Evan Hemsley, YellowAfterlife



A Giant Monster has appeared in Kyoto II! The city's only hope is for you and your company to construct a Colossal Robot, maneuver your creation to the target creature, and... ask it out to dinner? Or a film? Or something? Cooperate in building a perfect match for the kaiju, and compete against rival companies to romance the lonely monster in KAIJU SUPER DATETECH!

By Dave & Barney


Gun Game

Gun Game is a multiplayer versus party game about increasingly crazy guns. Play rounds where players are pitted against each other in a new arena! Upgrade your guns down unique branching paths! Put on silly hats! And, finally, be the last subject standing.

Alex Huang & Grant Ross | Fireround

Alex Huang
Grant Ross


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