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June 16, 2022

This month we’ve got a - New Date, New Location - now with air conditioning! We hope to get back to a regular schedule soon, but are trying out venues and rolling with the dates available in our budget. If you have dream location, let us know. See you in a couple weeks!

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Games This Month


Stacklands is a village builder where you stack cards to collect food, build structures, and fight creatures. For example, dragging a 'Villager' card on top of a 'Berry Bush' card will spawn 'Berry' cards which the villagers can eat to survive!

By Sokpop



Explore a hand-crafted world filled with treasure and secrets with your band of adventurers. Bridgebourn focuses on modern nostalgia, immersive exploration, and a unique hand-painted art style with fresh game mechanics. Fight with weapons that you acquire and reactive abilities that you learn as you explore more new lands.

By Bamboo Bandit (Siavash Ranjbar)

Bridgebourn is an adventure RPG made by solo indie game developer Bamboo Bandit (Siavash Ranjbar).



I was just about to catch a super rare creature in a gps-based monster catching game, but then I fell into a cave full of skeletons and there's no phone signal down here?! man wtf


Skelly Gun was a part of the Video game Zine, indiepocalypse #21.


(try to) Dress Up

"(try to) Dress Up" is a dress up game where you have to get my parents' permission before going out in your final look. Good luck with that- they're pretty tough judges to please!

By Nivetha Kannan

(Try to) Dress Up was feature in the video game zine indiepocalypse #11.


Paint Boi

A painting game/ art tool/ playground

By Aaron Taecker-Wyss & bb Tombo | SlugHuman Productions



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