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Fantastic Arcade presents, our open call for indie games. Caption reads rolling deadline apply today and features a pixelated armadillo inspired from the game armadillo run.

How This Works

Show us your stuff y’all! New or old, finished or beta, game or not-quite game.
We are specifically looking to uplift smaller teams, smaller games, projects that don’t quite fit the “games” mold, and folks from underrepresented groups.
Have something to share that DOESN’T fit a theme? WE WANT TO SEE THAT TOO!
Every month we will post a deadline to be featured for our next roundup. But don’t fret! All games that do not get selected are considered for future meetups.

Past Submissions

Star Stuff

A rectangular promotional image for Star Stuff featuring a Red Star character from the game with its yellow robotic companion standing on a space platform with ringed planets in the background

The Barnacle Goose Experiment

A square promotional image for The Barnacle Goose Experiment. It features the game title in gothic black text on a white background.


This is a promotional image for ART7 featuring pixel art of the word “love” written on a canvas that is set on an easel. It is black and white.

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